Father Son and The Cigarette

3000 books Sold and counting…….

It is me, a writer. I/we bow in front of you and present me/us at your service.

More than an Author, lived by the tales.


Traveling is my weakness, there is nothing like getting to know new places and people. Being able to combine my two greatest passions is the best! I live in a constant search to improve my story..


I find my inspiration in many daily things in life. I love my work because I can meet new people, make them laugh, create genuine emotions and sincere smiles.

Highlights to the upcoming publications

one word at a time …

Kala Khidki

  • Heart Throbbing
  • True Story
  • Social Experiments

A story Untold

  • Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Drama

“A way is way when there is no way back”


CEO, Own Mind

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